Dr. Ingram’s Book:  The Cure Is In the Forest

The following are excerpts from this book:

Mr. A, a physician, took Chaga for severe back pain. He was amazed he got instant relief.


A middle aged man scheduled for back surgery took Chaga for several months and avoided surgery.

A Dr. of Philosophy took Chaga for a severe prostate disorder. After 90 days his PSA dropped dramatically.

Doctor of Philosophy

A man with aggressive kidney cancer took Chaga for two months and his cancer dissolved.

An athletic trainer took Chaga for 20 days and his high blood pressure dropped to 120/80.

Athletic Trainer

A 70-year-old lady with arterial fibrillation took Chaga. Her symptoms disappeared avoiding pacemaker surgery.

Local Case Histories

Mr. M drinks one cup of Chaga tea daily. Dark circles around his eyes and sun spots on his arms went away. Three arm warts disintegrated and some hair colouring returned.

Mrs. M and Mrs. A suffered constipation. Drinking Chaga tea solved their problem.

Mr. A took pills daily and drank Chaga tea. He also put Chaga cream on his knees, which had hurt since grade 6. Now they do not hurt anymore. Dark circles under his eyes went away and his skin complexion improved.

Mrs. S applied Chaga cream to eczema under her arm, the next day it was gone.

Three people put Chaga cream on wasp bites. They received instant relief from the pain and the swelling went down.

Four people applied Chaga cream on open wounds and they healed in a couple of days, no pain and no dry blood wound seal.

Two people put Chaga cream on spider bites and other insect bites and the pain stopped instantly.

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