CHAGA may help you with:

May increase physical strength and stamina

May Increase athletic prowess

May improve natural detoxification mechanisms

May improve flow of bile

May improve intestinal function and elimination

May improve overall function of the liver and kidneys

May increase urine volume

May increase the reduction in the risks for diabetes and high blood pressure

May increase reduction in cancer and heart disease risks

Chaga mushrooms grow on birch trees in colder climates. They are natural chemical factories that produce valuable substances for humans. They are disease fighting powerhouses. Chaga mushrooms aid in halting aging and lowering blood sugar levels

Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

These mushrooms produce SOD’s- one of the most powerful antioxidative enzymes known, which is essential in the function of all human cells. Without it,  the body degenerates.

Chaga mushrooms also produce-Betulin: a powerful anti-cancer compound which speeds healing and protects the body from threatening diseases.

Chaga mushrooms and birch bark can also be used in tea form as a substitute for coffee.

Chaga is a natural food and a top supplier of all vitamins and minerals the body requires.  A disease fighting powerhouse with no side effects.  It has more medical power than pharmaceutical drugs.

 It increases stamina, prolongs life and greatly improves the body’s immune system and speeds healing.  Studies show it is a strong antioxidant, anticancer and stress agent.  It is a potent antiviral and anti-inflammatory agent.

It is a top supplier of Betulin and Betulinic acid, Beta Glucan and Superoxide Dismutase (SOD).

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Years ago, Siberians in cold climates taking Chaga lived 85-100 years.  Natives in the area that didn’t take Chaga only lived 45 50 years old.  For example:  Chimpanzees have half the SOD in their bodies and live half as long.  Tortoises have the highest SOD and live the longest.

Chinese, Siberians and the Russian Medical Council rate Chaga the highest natural medicine.  The Russian Government ordered athletes, astronauts and Soviet elites to take Chaga on a daily basis.

Japanese, Chinese and Russians found Chaga as effective as radiation and chemotherapy with no side effects.  Radiation and chemotherapy have many side effects, some severe and irreversible.  (Mayo Clinic)

A Polish medical academy study showed Chaga inhibited cancer growth.  Forty five patients were studied, ten showed tumor reduction.  The Chinese Medical College claims Chaga was valuable in the reversal of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.  Natives have used Chaga since the 16th century.  They called it “King of Plants” and  “Diamond of the Forest”. Others have called it the “Gift from God” and “King of Herbs”.

Check with your Doctor if you have sugar diabetes or take heart medication when taking Chaga.

Additional medical information on Chaga, it’s benefits and advantages, and what it can do for you.

Health Canada Information:

scroll  down the page and look for  :INONOTUS OBLIQUUS = CHAGA

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